We invite you to participate in the 1st International Conference “MECHANICAL ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS: Design, Simulation, Testing and Manufacturing” (MES-2018), to take place on  September 17-19, 2018, in Yerevan, Armenia. The conference is organized by the National Polytechnic University of Armenia (NPUA) in partnership with the American University of Armenia (AUA).

Goals: The conference intends to become a forum regularly bringing together researchers from technical universities and practitioners from industrial companies in the field of mechanical engineering. With its multi-topic program and international scale, it has to establish a networking and educational platform, and to facilitate contacts and cooperation between universities, research and development centers and industrial companies from different countries.
Structure: Besides the plenary and technical sessions, there will be poster sessions and an exhibition.Contributions indicating existing or potential practical applications of known or newly developed designs, technologies and equipment, as well as theories, methods, algorithms and software, are particularly welcome.
Applications: Although the conference will mainly focus on technical issues of designing, calculating, producing and using various machines and mechanical systems (such as precision, load capacity, performance, etc.), market aspects like customer benefits, economic efficiency, latest trends, etc. will also be considered.
Conference languages: The working languages of the conference are English and Russian (except for keynote lectures, no simultaneous translation will be provided). Papers can be written in one of the working languages, with an additional summary in the other language. Submitting a paper together with its full translation in the other language is welcome.
Contacts: We invite the authors to submit an abstract of their paper (max. one page) to the organizers at [email protected]